7 Best Gold IRA Companies for Investment in 2022

by Nicholas

Rising inflation and unstable stock market call for choosing an alternative investment mode. Gold IRA is the most incredible option to stay safe from financial uncertainties. This step lets you enjoy a secure future. Professionals say you must have at least five percent gold in your portfolio. You can conveniently convert your current retirement account into a Gold IRA. It doesn’t even demand paying hefty tax charges.

Reviewing 7 Best Gold Ira Companies In 2022

The increasing gold prices create safe investment heaven. Hence it would help if you considered exploring this area. To simplify things, you can collaborate with any gold IRA company. From maximum asset security to professional advice, these firms offer several benefits. We have listed and reviewed seven of the industry’s top gold IRA companies. It can help you hedge your earnings against inflation.

Let’s get started.

1. Goldco

Goldco is an authentic company to expand your earnings after retirement. You can smoothly secure an individual retirement account. It also allows direct investment in precious metal coins and bars. A team of investment experts is always on their toes to resolve your queries. Better Business Bureau has provided an A+ to Goldco for its transparent services.

Let’s explore a few vital features of Goldco that can prompt you to trust their services.

Gold IRA

Investing in gold brings several benefits after retiring. It’s because this metal has high stability rates. It can also surpass significant stock market indexes. You can find several coins at Goldco. It includes the Americal Eagles, Liberty, Phoenix, Independence Hall, etc.

Silver IRA

The price of silver metal has the potential to touch the skies. Silver is a highly profitable investment metal. Thanks to its increased industrial use and less supply-to-demand ratio. Also, its tangibility makes it an ultra-secure asset. Common silver coins include American Eagle, Australian Striped Marlin, Sea Turtle, etc.


Goldco’s IRA is highly economical as you have to pay $260 for the first year. After that, the annual charges are cut down to $180.

2. Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the best IRA companies for 2022. After retiring, you can finally live a peaceful life by trusting it for your finances. From resolving the economic barriers to extending savings, it can do everything to secure you. Their expert team ensures you face no hurdles in investing in the right product.

Let’s discuss the gold and silver IRA products you can find at Augusta.

Gold IRA

This company promises to deliver 100% pure gold coins and bars. The value of bullion coins fluctuates according to market rates and the precious metal content. Augusta’s gold mints are 99.9% pure. You can invest in American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, etc.

Silver IRA

This precious metal isn’t given much importance for several reasons. But it’s not the actual case. Silver holds the potential to overdo gold in various instances. It qualifies it as an impactful investing area. You can get 99.9% pure silver bullion, fulfilling the utmost transparency needs. American Eagle, Maple, Austrian Philharmonic, and Silver Round are common silver coins. You can also invest in bags with a face value of $500 or $1000.


The account setup fee is $50, while you must pay $250 for the first year as maintenance charges. Afterward, the annual fee is around $100. They also charge an extra $100 as storage price.

3. Noble Gold

Noble Gold’s IRA services guarantee a diversified portfolio for retired individuals. You wouldn’t have to stress about your future finances after investing in assets that never get zero. Besides gold and silver, you can invest your retirement savings in other rare metals. It includes platinum, palladium, and other valuable collectibles. A few common examples are Indian St. Gauden, Kellogg, Morgan Silver Dollars, and more.

Here are a few Noble Gold features that make it one of the top-notch service providers.

Expert customer service

You don’t have to worry about making wrong decisions with pro advice. The account managers would guide you on every step, whether creating an account or investing in gold, silver, or other treasured metal.

100% refund policy

Selling your assets is no more a complicated task with Noble Gold. Their buyback program offers straightforward returns without asking any questions.

Top-notch security

This company believes in full-proof transparency. It provides photographic evidence of your purchase to achieve this goal.

Gold IRA

Common coins are American Eagle Proof, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, etc. Even bars of Suisse Lady Fortuna and Perth Mint is also available.

Silver IRA

Noble offers 99.9% pure silver coins and bars after purity testing from reliable sources. For bars, you can invest in Highland Mint, Rand Refinery, Republic, etc.

Popular coins include the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, and more.


Noble hasn’t mentioned the annual charges, but its minimum investing limit is $10,000.

4. Birch Gold

Birch Gold is a valuable platform for creating an IRA based on precious metals. Investing your savings in its assets accompanies several benefits. Your hard-earned money is secured from stock market instability. Also, there are maximum chances for portfolio diversification. It charges no tax for converting your current IRA into a gold or silver account. You can also secure physical possession of precious metals. Birch can deliver them safely to your address.

Birch’s exceptional IRA products are listed below.

Gold IRA

Birch lists various gold bars and coins that qualify as pure metals. It includes American Eagle, Gyrfalcon, Polar Bear and Cub, Indian Head Eagle, etc.

You can also invest in smaller increments like Valcambi Gold Bars.

Silver IRA

Silver is a highly competitive metal with maximum chances of price hikes in the future. You can invest in this asset through a variety of bars and coins. The standard ones include Silver Florin, Beautiful Series, Morgan and Peace Dollar, etc.

Other precious metals

Additional investment-worthy metals include Platinum Eagle, Florin, and Palladium Maple Leaf.

Self-directed IRA

Birch allows opening a self-directed retirement account where you make every decision. You can try flexible investing areas without being restricted to stocks and bonds.


You have to pay an initial setup fee of $50 with $30 on every wire transfer. Its annual cost for maintenance is $80, while that for management ranges between $180 to $230. You can eliminate these charges if your initial investment is worth $50,000. The minimum limit for IRA setup is $10,000.

5. RC Bullion

Whether creating an IRA or 401K with gold, RC Bullion effectively performs both tasks. Your financial future gets secured in three easy steps. You must call the Bullion expert and make him aware of your goals and demands. The professional agent would then guide you accordingly to invest in the right asset. This company handles all the legal work and transfers without charging additional tax. Finally, they would secure your precious metal investment in an insured locker. You have the full privilege to control it and make subjective decisions.

The industry-standard RC Bullion attributes are:

Segregated vault

RC stores its users’ assets in segregated lockers for added safety. It utilizes the Delaware depository for this top-notch security purpose.

Government-approved coins

Authorities have set up a standard for coins to qualify for IRA storage. They must be 99.95% pure, like Eagle or Maple Leaf coins. This company strictly follows the criteria, so your investment stays government-complied.

Roth IRA Conversion

RC bullion can transform your Roth account to that of Gold without any tax. You can do so by setting up a self-directed account.

Gold and Silver coins

RC’s top IRA authorized coins to include the Chinese Panda, Proof Eagle, and Maple Leaf.

Other metal coins

Amongst platinum, you can buy Maple Leaf and Platypus. Palladium coins are also available to invest in.

6. Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold offers a variety of gold and other precious metals-related benefits. Whether you want to purchase physically or deposit them within an IRA, this company can do everything. Besides exceptional functioning, you also get exposure to expert-level customer service. Its pro agents guide you on every step and help you make the right financial decisions.

Its services eliminate your portfolio risk as you expand the assets. You can secure your lifetime earnings against the devaluing of dollars. You can also opt for a buyback program getting a spot price or above.

Let’s briefly overview the gold and silver assets at Advantage Gold.

Gold IRA

Great-Horned Owl, Woodland Caribou, and Canadian Wild Horse coins can be an excellent investment. Other bullions include Bighorn Sheep, Wolverine, American Gold Eagle, Canadian $1 Gold Polar Bear, and Cub.

Silver IRA

Amongst silver beneficiaries, you can purchase several coins. It includes Moose, Great-Horned Owl, Bighorn Sheep, Austrian Philharmonic, Mexican Libertad, and more.

Other precious metals

Besides gold and silver, other metals can hedge against inflation. Platinum includes Leopard Seal, Humpback Whale, Emperor Penguin, Maple Leaf, etc.

At the same time, Canadian Maple Leaf in Palladium is also available. All the coins are IRS-approved.


The account setup fee is $50, while annual storage charges are between $50 to $100. You also have to pay a yearly fee of $250 as account charges. Its minimum investment rate is above $10,000.

7. Regal Assets

Regal Assets is an all-in-one solution for a secure and stable after-retirement investment plan. From precious metals IRA to funding in cryptocurrency, it has been proved as America’s one of the leading firms. It stores all the assets in a segregated vault ensuring 100% security. You can either opt for metal’s direct delivery to the depository or at your doorstep. This company is also in agreement with an insurance corporation. It guarantees financial protection in case of any mishap.

An outline of Regal offered products is given below.

Gold IRA

From gold bars to valuable coins, you can buy several gold-based assets. A few common coins are American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Philharmonic, etc.

Silver IRA

You can smoothly invest in silver to gain maximum benefits. Its market value keeps doubling. The American Eagle and Australian Kookaburra are inexpensive ways of diversifying portfolios.

Other precious metals IRA

Coins of other metals like Platinum and Palladium are also available to invest in. It includes Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, and Australian Koala.


An exceptional aspect of Regal Assets is the ability to invest in crypto. This digital asset holds the potential to replace traditional currency. It’s one of the most stable ways of portfolio diversification. Regal allows investing in Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, and 18 other digital coins.


You can choose from five packages to get started at Regal Asset. It also charges $250 per year as admin and storage charges.

The packages with their minimum rates and specs are given below.

  • Merchant: $5,000 – Easy liquidation
  • Knighthood: $10,000 – Family security
  • Legacy: $25,000 – Instant profit chances
  • Kingship: $50,000 – Inflation protection
  • Dynasty: $100,000 – Retirement plan
  • Coronation: $250,000 – Long-term wealth accumulation

Final Thoughts

Retirement calls for making crucial decisions to secure your future financially. You must invest in assets with a stable index as dollars are getting devalued. It could be any precious metal, including gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

It’s time to diversify your after-retirement portfolio by funding a section of your lifetime earnings at the right place. Opt a gold IRA company from our leading picks and leave everything on them. These companies have expert customer service agents that guide you throughout. At the same time, your money is also 100% secure with them.

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